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    The application is the most important stage among the others, and is also the first step. With this, the recruitment agents can gain knowledge about the applicant, perform a background check on the applicant, and see if you're eligible to proceed to the next step, which is the interview. As to complete this step, the application has to surrender the necessary files and documents needed to the recruitment agent. Upon completion, the applicant should be informed the he/she will be contacted as soon as the results have been declared.

    To ensure an accepted application, DO:
    • Be Convincing. Convince the recruitment agent that you are fit for the job you are applying.

    • Create A Sweet Resume. Resumes are there to say why you want the job, why you're fit for the job, and what makes you better than anyone at your applying department.

    • Provide An Informative Cover Letter. A cover letter is a document that explains why your skills and experiences makes you a good fit for a job. Including a cover letter is the best way to pitch your case for an interview.

    To ensure an accepted application, DO NOT:
    • Provide meaningless information in your application

    • Don't be indolent. The Government has no time for lazy people, and are only eligible to hard-working agents.

    • Don't be ambiguous. Be straight to the point

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    • Your resume and cover letter must be sent through .pdf or .doc file extensions

    • (optional, but helpful) As soon as you finish the application, go to a recruitment agent, do a quick roleplay scene wherein you give your files, create a new thread with the subject :
      Application Results of Firstname Lastname [Screenshots]


    It's not generally snappy and simple to get contracted. The prospective employee meet-up process can be extensive. Being met once and landing a position offer is ordinarily a relic of days gone by. Today, many organizations have an included meeting process beginning with screening interviews, which frequently happen on the telephone, trailed by face to face talks with, second meetings, and even third meetings.


    To ensure a good interview, DO:

    • Be properly dressed, have a good appearance. Your visual appearance is the first thing your interviewer sees on you. Make sure you give a good first impression.

    • Practice your confidence. Confidence is a very great virtue for the department. Stand straight, sit straight, and most importantly, speak confidently.

    • Exercise your manners. Our department greatly appreciates a man with proper manners, especially from a gentleman. Don't forget to say 'Good morning' upon meeting, and 'Thank you' upon farewell.

    To ensure a good interview, DO NOT:
    • Don't stutter. Stuttering gives the interviewer a bad impression on you, and might affect your chance on going to the next step gravely.

    • Don't be absentminded. Focus on your interview, and put the other things, such as, but not limited to, fashions and decorations, aside.

    • Don't show anxiety. Show courage and spirit. Don't sound or look sleepy. It gives the interviewer an insight that you're lazy.


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    When you get a vocation offer, it's imperative to set aside the opportunity to painstakingly assess the offer, so you are settling on a good choice to acknowledge, or to dismiss the offer. The exact opposite thing you need to do is to settle on a rushed choice that you will lament later on.


    To ensure a safe acceptance of a job offering, DO:
    • Be mindful of the money offered.

    • Make sure you're flexible with the job.

    • Clear your schedule during your work hours.
    To ensure a safe acceptance of a job offering, DO NOT:

    • Rush into the job offer. Take all the time you need. You have the right to think as long as you want.


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