[JANUARY 9TH, 2018] President Crosby Warns Idlewood from Stratocracy

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    PR: President Cassie Crosby verbally warns Idlewood from a Stratocracy situation
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    TUESDAY, JANUARY 9, 2018 ― The steady and constant rise of crime activity around the premises of Idlewood has caught the attention of San Andreas State President Cassie Crosby and was personally annoyed about it. After a few City Hall calls from Los Santos, President Cassie Crosby decides to take the solution another step higher and warned the citizens of Los Angeles in a Presidential Statement that once the Idlewood crisis isn't lessened through minimum efforts by the police and most efforts are to be done by the said illegal organizations residing / "hanging out" around the area, stratocracy will reign over designated areas around Idlewood as assigned by the President.

    Stratocracy is a form of government wherein the military and police forces rule over a certain country, place, area. In this situation, military and police units are to be handed full authorization in the land so as to control it. Any laws/decrees announced by the President is ineffective around the places affected by stratocracy, and the ones who control the land declare the laws.

    "This action can be done through certain actions such as surrendering to the police force, lessening the criminal activity and loss of innocent lives, and ceasing illegal operations," President Crosby declares. As of the announced date (January 9, 2018), police activity is now as vigilant as ever around Idlewood.

    It is not yet certain or proven that this was an actual warning or was it just to scare the people. Many believe that the President's actual words in his statement was inappropriate and impossible. Although no one but the Intelligence office and the President herself knows what it really is.

    This Public Press Release was brought to you by the Office of Public Relations for the San Andreas Government.
    All content in this Public Press Release has been signed and approved by the President prior to publication.
    Any comments of a positive or negative nature can be forwarded to the President, Cassie Crosby, who will take feedback appreciatively.

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